Tripartite IGAD Infrastructure Investment Conference

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The African Economic Community had long awaited the benefits of regional economic development of their infrastructure. In 2008 the African Economic Community heads of state and three of the regional economic communities held their first Tripartite Summit in the fall of 2008. The three regions, COMESA, EAC and SADC, were represented, in decision making for a master plan, to develop a useful infrastruct­ure improvement that would take place along trade corridors.

The infrastructure improvements would enhance movement of goods and services in the three regions and promote an integration of trade, harmony within the three communities and economic growth.

The obstacles of the plan were also analyzed and discussed. Solutions to the vast logistics and infrastructure requirements were the main task of the First Tripartite Summit of 2008. What emerged from the brainstorming was a Trade Pilot Program focused on the development of the North South Corridor for much improved transportation routing of vehicles involved in commerce, services, trades and transportation.

The main purpose of this summit, involving the infrastructure development, was to carry out the Tripartite and IGAD Corridor Plan.

Another main objective of the Tripartite is to promote harmony among a historically turbulent area in Africa, specifically the Eastern and Southern parts of Africa.

The third goal of the Tripartite was to bolster and focus these programs so that economic development will thrive in these regions and ultimately attract more development partnerships, private sector interest and integration throughout the three regions.

Three vehicles were identified and implemented to carry out this vision. Institutional Framework, Harmonization and execution of regulations and policies and the provisional funding through the Tripartite Funding and Project Preparation Methods. Participants in the conference were very pleased with projects that were articulated during the Tripartite, particularly in the prioritizing of the projects in various regions.

­The clarity of the plan also stimulated interest from developers, investors and funding interests in and outside of the regions. Regarding satisfaction in the local Kenyan community, where the Conference took place, the hospitality and cohesive attitudes of the representatives in each of the Member State Governments was appreciated openly by the Tripartite­.

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