South Sudan the Africas Newest Nation

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South Sudan, the newest nation on the face of the earth with the potential to become a self-sustaining country, tourist attraction and business hub of the future, was granted independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011.

This nation bordered on the east by Ethiopia and Kenya, sharing a border with Uganda and the Congo on the south faces its greatest challenge from what is now known as North Sudan.

Under the leadership of President Salva Kiir, South Sudan adopted the motto of “Justice, Liberty& Prosperity”. Beneath its flag composed of a black, red and green horizontal stripes bisected by a blue triangle bearing a yellow star, this new nation is beset with problems regarding its rich mineral resources such as diamonds, gold and most-importantly oil.

The second major issue involves the northern area of Abyei that is not only rich in oil but encompasses some thirteen-hundred miles of very fertile land. The day-to-day existence of the majority of its people who are of Niolitic tribal origin depends on farming, maintaining livestock and fishing the portion of the Nile River passing through the area.

Until 1956, all of Sudan was considered an Egyptian territory. Independence has brought new challenges for the Sudan People\’s Liberation Army, which is the formal name for the military force of South Sudan.

The objectives of the SPLA are the same as for any other world nation: defense of the constitution and protection of its people and their rights

In an effort to resolve conflict regarding the petroleum resources of South Sudan, this new nation has recently taken steps to take control of these resources that have been the main source of conflict between South and North Sudan for over fifty years with heightened wars erupting over the past twenty years.

From Juba, the capital of South Sudan, this new nation has the potential to capture the attention of an make a name for itself around the world. Home to the largest swamp in the world boasting exotic flora, birds and other fauna, development as a tourist mecca holds great economic potential for this new nation.

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