IGAD is the Intergovernmental Authority on Development. This organization was actually founded in 1996 in the Eastern portion of Africa.
The organization’s main goal is to help with problems in the community of drought and development. They replaced another organization called IGADD, which Africans had been utilizing since 1896.

Africa has always been home to severe natural disasters, mostly floods and famine. The greatest region, which seems to be hit by these economic downturns, is the Eastern portion. While there has been great help from the international community, the problems superseded the resources and many still suffer.

The Mission of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development is to help the people of Africa to have food and to promote a peaceful existence. They also oversee security and economic situations. Together with the six countries that make up this organization, they try to create harmonious living environments, which also affect all fields of business and everyday life. They encourage and enable foreign trade, which is essential to African survival.

The African people are most grateful for the work that the IGAD does during natural disasters.

Their goal is to ensure that people who are experiencing problems due to floods, or other turbulent times have economic security and safety. While food is important as well, they focus on all areas. During disastrous times, crime is ramped and the environment c­an often become a battlefield for both young and old. The entire focus of the group is to supply the needs of the people, thus eliminating the need for such violence and assist in cleanup efforts.

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development uses experience from the past, including statistics, and prepares for the future. The citizens of Africa have become quite reliant on the IGAD, as they have been a constant source of support in Eastern Africa. Although this group was originally formed just to tackle drought and development, the need for expansion into other areas was deemed to be necessary.

The IGAD also has a great focus on socioeconomic issues and other political needs in the area. Many Africans are thankful for this group, which appears to be very helpful in keeping a peaceful coexistence.